Yui with Satta Pass in foreground

Yui Juku

Hiroshige's Yui (19C ukiyoe or woodblock print). Note the three travellers top left ascending Satta Pass. The two customers, presumably travellers from the big city of Edo (now called Tokyo, with a population of 1 million during the Edo Period, 17C~mid 19C) stand in awe of the stunning vista across Suruga Bay (Japan's deepest bay) to Mt Fuji (Japan's highest mountain).

Hakone Hachiri, now a Japan Heritage Area

  Hakone Hachiri has just been declared a Japan Heritage Area. Hachiri literally means 8 Li, a distance of approximately 30 kilometers. It refers to the stretch of the old Tokaido between Odawara (Tokaido Sation #9) and Mishima (Station #11), via Hakone (Station #10). During the Edo Period this stretch was a two day walk … Continue reading Hakone Hachiri, now a Japan Heritage Area