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We offer two variations of small-group guided and interpreted tours for Hakone Hachiri (now a Japan Heritage Area), depending on how much walking you want to do. Both are day tours that can be comfortably enjoyed departing Tokyo/Yokohama area in the morning. We can also recommend accommodation in Atami and Mishima Cities so you can stay longer in beautiful Shizuoka Prefecture.

Hakone Hachiri Tour. Walk about 10km in total. Enables you to enjoy walking the remaining parts of the original Hakone Hachiri, whilst skipping through the boring bits that are now just sealed state highway full of cars. Catch Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo/Shinyokohama, get off at Odawara Station where you will be met by your guide. Bus up to Aamazake Chaya teahouse. After some sweet sake (or other local speciality of your choice, included) we continue walking down the stone-paved old Tokaido to the shores of Lake Ashinoko. We step off Tokaido into the township for an early cafe lunch (included). After lunch we stroll the kilometre-long Cedar Avenue, ligned both sides with towering 400 year-old Japanese cedar (sugi), to Hakone Checkpoint. This faithful recreation on the original foundations demonstrates life on Tokaido during Edo Period. From Hakone Checkpoint we taxi along modern State Highway 1 (which covers old Tokaido at this point) to Yamanaka Castle Ruins, Mount Fuji photo opportunity. We then continue walking the old Tokaido until we reach Mishima Taisha, the end-point of Hakone Hachiri. We can recommend accomodation for you to overnight in Mishima, from where you can continue to explore fascinating Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tokaido Highway Tour. Coming in 2019! A day tour from Atami. Walk 3km of the ancient forest-clad highway, Hakone Checkpoint, stunning views of Mt Fuji (weather permitting), Mishima Taisha, lunch at Kanbara, Hiroshige Museum of Art, Satta Pass. Why not overnight at Okaya (not included in tour fee), a traditional Japanese Inn (ryokan) that has been accommodating Tokaido travellers for 8 generations, before continuing your journey through Shizuoka.