Guided small group day heritage hiking tour from Tokyo or Yokohama.

Hike Hakone Hachiri Tour and Walk Hakone Hachiri Tour:

Visitors originating from Tokyo:


Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama #707;

Tokyo Station at 07:57 or

Shinagawa Station at 08:04

Get off at:

Odawara Station at 08:30;

look for your guide waiting at the station exit

Cost : approx. ¥3,000 per person*


Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama #734;

Depart Mishima Station 17:24,

Arrive Tokyo Station 18:18

Costs : approx. ¥4,000 per person*

*Shinkansen fare is not included in tour price, but is covered by a valid JR Rail Pass

Or overnight in Mishima.

Hakone Hachiri access map
Hakone Hachiri access map

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