Day Trips from Tokyo. Walk Hakone Hachiri Tour

Walk Hakone Hachiri Tour. Looking for day trips from Tokyo? Walk a section of the ancient forest-clad Tokaido Highway that links Tokyo with former capital Kyoto. Experience Amazake Chaya, one of the few remaining of hundreds of teahouses that lined the old Tokaido, Cedar Avenue with towering 400 year-old Japanese cedar patrolling both sides of the trail, Hakone Shrine, Hakone Checkpoint, stunning views of Mt Fuji (weather permitting) from Yamanaka Castle Ruins, and more. Hakone Hachiri has been declared a Japan Heritage Area. A day-return guided small-group walking tour from Tokyo/Yokohama.

Total 4km (2.5 miles) easy walking for the day. Catch Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama #707 from Tokyo/Shinagawa/Shinyokohama, departing Tokyo 0757, get off at Odawara Station 0830, meet your guide at the ticket wicket. We walk to nearby Odawara Castle, scene of the epic final battle of Japan’s Warring States Period in 1590. Then we catch the local train to Hakone Yumoto, then bus up to Amazake Chaya teahouse, one of the few remaining of hundreds of teahouses that adorned Old Tokaido. After some heart-warming amasake (non-alcoholic) we bus down to the shore of Lake Ashinoko in Moto-Hakone. Lunch at café near the lake. After lunch we stroll around the lakefront to enjoy Hakone Shrine with its famous red gate over the water, and then stroll the kilometre-long Cedar Avenue, lined both sides with towering 400 year-old Cedar (Fuji views weather permitting, which is only 30% of the time in Japan), then through Hakone Checkpoint. From here we bus to Mishima (more Fuji views en route, weather permitting of course), and stroll along Genbe River World Heritage Water Area to Mishima Station.

Participants should be able to comfortably walk 4km (2.5 miles) over easy terrain.

Day trips from Tokyo. Advance reservations are essential to avoid disappointment.

Hakone Shrine, Fuji lurking
Hakone Shrine, Fuji lurking

Authorized by Shizuoka Prefecture Governor: #2-689

Plan by Tony Everitt