Day hiking tour from Tokyo


Day hiking tour. For five centuries old Tokaido highway has linked Japan’s modern capital of Tokyo with the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Osaka. In feudal times most travelers of Tokaido were on foot – horses or palanquins being a luxury for the elite only. A section of old Tokaido close to Tokyo known as Hakone Hachiri has recently been declared a Japan Heritage Area. In Japanese, Hachi means 8 and ri is a unit of distance equivalent to about 4km (2.5 miles). So Hakone Hachiri is the 32km (20 mile) stretch of old Tokaido between Odawara and Mishima (a   setting in James Clavell’s epic novel “Shogun“), via Hakone.

Hike a section of the ancient forest-clad Tokaido Highway that links Tokyo with former capitals Kyoto and Osaka. Experience Amazake Chaya, one of the few remaining of hundreds of teahouses that lined the old Tokaido, Cedar Avenue with towering 400 year-old Japanese cedar patrolling both sides of the trail, and stunning views of Mt Fuji (weather permitting) from Yamanaka Castle Ruins, and more. Hakone Hachiri has been declared a Japan Heritage Area. Allow our guide to immerse you in the history, culture, and natural heritage of this ancient route.

A day-return guided small-group tour from Tokyo/Yokohama. Easily accessed using Tokaido Shinkansen to reach tour’s start from Odawara, returning to Tokyo from tour’s conclusion in Mishima.

We offer two versions of the tour depending on your appetite for walking:

Hike Hakone Hachiri tour involves about 12km (8 miles) walking for the day. Day hiking tour from Tokyo.

Walk Hakone Hachiri tour involves about 4km (2.5 miles) walking for the day.

Enjoy stunning views of Mt Fuji on clear days, although please note that Japan’s weather only permits this about 30% of the time!

Advance reservations are essential to avoid disappointment.

Hakone Hachiri Map
Hakone Hachiri (red dotted route)

Authorized by Shizuoka Prefecture Governor: #2-689

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