Fuji, Hakone, Izu National Park 5 Day Hiking Tour

Allow our local guides to immerse you in the natural and cultural heritage of this unique part of Japan, so close to Japan’s capital city. Fuji, Hakone, Izu National Park also hosts World Heritage, Global Geopark, and Japan Heritage areas. Tour starts from Odawara bullet train station and concludes at Atami bullet train station, both on Japan’s Tokaido main trunk bullet train line (connecting Tokyo with Kyoto and Osaka) and less than 1 hour from Tokyo. To minimise carbon footprint, we use local public transport to move around from hike to hike on the tour. We use Japan’s amazing courier system to bunny-hop our big luggage to every second night’s accommodation, carrying an overnight pack on our hikes. Hiking experience level: beginner~intermediate (must be capable of hiking up to 14kms per day over rolling volcanic terrain).

Day 1 Hakone Hachiri

For five centuries old Tokaido foot highway has linked Japan’s modern capital of Tokyo with the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Osaka. In feudal times most travelers of Tokaido were on foot – horses or palanquins being a luxury for the elite only. Hike a section of old Tokaido close to Tokyo known as Hakone Hachiri, that has recently been declared a Japan Heritage Area. Meet your local guide after stepping off Tokaido bullet train at Odawara Station, starting point for our tour and just 30 minutes from Tokyo Station. Local train/bus part-way up Mt Hakone (active volcano) to where we start our hike. Experience Amazake Chaya, under 13th generation management and one of the few remaining of hundreds of teahouses that lined the old Tokaido, Cedar Avenue (header photo above) with towering 400 year-old Japanese cedar patrolling both sides of the trail, and stunning views of Mt Fuji (weather permitting) from Yamanaka Castle Ruins, stroll along Genbegawa World Water System Heritage area into Mishima City (a location in James Clavell’s epic historical fiction novel Shogun) where we overnight. Walking today: 10kms.

Day 2 Old Shimoda Foot Highway

Hike through Kawazu 7 Falls

So after spending Day 1 trekking westwards along Old Tokaido foot highway, at Mishima we make a left hand turn and hike south along Old Shimoda Foot Highway that runs down the middle of Izu Peninsula UESCO Global Geopark. From Mishima station local train/bus take us south to Joren Falls where we start our hike. We walk southwards all day following two rivers bisected by Izu Peninsula’s highest point, Amagi Range. This ancient route, connecting the Peninsula’s southern port town of Shimoda with the rest of the country, has seen famous travelers including the first foreign diplomat to live in Japan, Townsend Harris, as he journeyed from his Shimoda US consulate to Tokyo (Edo) to negotiate Japan’s first international trade agreement. The route is also the location for a famous Japanese love story, Dancing Girl of Izu, remade as a movie five times in the 20th century. We hike through lush forests and are rewarded with the last stretch of our walk being through the famous Kawazu 7 Falls area, where the gushing river has carved out pretty waterfalls from the volcanic strata. Bus/train to the cute little port town of Shimoda to overnight. Walking today: 14kms.

Day 3 Shimoda

Perry Road pretty much as it looked to the US Commodore in the mid 19th century (image courtesy Izu Peninsula Tourism Bureau)

Morning: Urban Legend Walk. Stroll along Perry Road, following the footprints of 19th century US Pacific Fleet’s Admiral Perry as he made landfall here to negotiate the opening up of Japan to the world. Walk around Shimoda’s pretty harbor taking in the history of Japan’s first contact with America.

Our destination today – Yumigahama Beach, meticulously cleaned by volunteers

Afternoon: coastal walk. From Shimoda we bus southwards to walk the pretty volcanic coastline. Our mighty Pacific Ocean rolling in from Sagami Bay to our east has carved out cavernous sea caves from the softer volcanic material deposited along this section of Izu Peninsula UNESCO Global Geopark. A delightful easy jaunt along varied volcanic coastlines and through quiet coastal resort villages, where one thinks “I could happily live here”. Our destination today is Yumigahama Beach where we stop for the night (shared bathroom). Walking today: 10kms.

Day 4 Jogasaki Coastline

Tajima Falls, the river originates up in the Amagi Range we crossed on Day 2 in central Izu and irrigates numerous wasabi fields on its journey down here to the east Izu Peninsula Pacific coastline.

From our Yumigahama hotel we local bus and train northwards up the scenic east coast of Izu Peninsula to start today’s hike. Jogasaki Coastal Trail is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the power of volcanic and tectonic forces. The cliff-top walk is over ancient lava flows that have oozed out into the Pacific before solidifying to present form. Stunning views of Sagami Bay and breakers rolling in from the Pacific. For our late lunch enjoy some super-fresh seafood at a traditional eating house at the end of the route. Local train further north along Izu’s east coast to overnight at Atami. Walking today: 10kms.

Day 5 Mt Kurotake

Mt Kurotake summit

Great opportunity to summit one of a number of small volcanoes that dot the Izu Peninsula. Walk/bus from ryokan to hike start point high above Atami township. We then climb steadily to Mt Kurotake summit at 800m, great views of Mt Fuji from here weather permitting. A loop around a small natural pond at altitude and retrace our footprints back to Atami station. Tour concludes here – Tokaido Shinkansen available for a return trip to Tokyo that takes just 45 minutes, or head west to popular spots in Shizuoka, Kyoto and Osaka. Walking today: 10kms.

Tour can technically depart any day but is subject availability. Advance reservations are essential to avoid disappointment.

people per group2345678
tour fee per group JPY*569,000798,000864,0001,111,0001,176,0001,388,0001,460,000

*tour fee based on 2 person room share, accommodation grade: economy

Included in tour fee: guiding fee, 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 nights` accommodation, local transport between tour start point Odawara and tour finish point Atami, insurance.

(Please note that as the tour starts from Odawara Station, and concludes at Atami Station, the Shinkansen fares from/to Tokyo are additional to above pricing and at your own arrangement, although can be covered by a valid JR Pass)

Detailed terms and conditions (which will be explained) here.

Tour is not accompanied by a 旅程管理者

Certified tour planner: EVERITT ANTHONY

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