Hakone Hachiri Tour

Coming soon!

Guided small-group tour accessible from Tokyo/Yokohama. Total walking about 6km. (If you don’t want to walk this far, check out Tokaido Highway Tour, total walking 3km). Enables you to enjoy walking the remaining parts of the original Hakone Hachiri, whilst skipping through the boring bits that are now just sealed state highway full of cars.

Catch Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo/Shinyokohama, get off at Odawara Station where you will be met by your guide. We firstly catch the bus up to Amazake Chaya teahouse, one of the few remaining of hundreds of teahouses that adorned old Tokaido.  After some amasake (non-alcholic) we continue to follow the stone-paved Tokaido through the forest down to the shore of Lake Ashinoko in Moto-Hakone. Here we stroll the kilometre-long Cedar Avenue, ligned both sides with towering 400 year-old Japanese cedar (sugi), to Hakone Checkpoint. This faithful recreation on the original foundations demonstrates life on Tokaido during Edo Period. Lunch at a cafe with a lake view. From Hakone Checkpoint we bus along modern State Highway 1 (which covers old Tokaido at this point) to rejoin the ancient Tokadai for another 3km forest walk to Yamanaka Castle Ruins, Mount Fuji photo opportunity. We then bus to Mishima Taisha, the end-point of Hakone Hachiri.

For folks not needing to return to Tokyo immediately by Shinkansen from Mishima Station, we can recommend accommodation (not included in tour fee) in Mishima, from where you can continue to explore fascinating Shizuoka at your leisure.

Hakone Hachiri Tour can also be done as a day-return tour from Atami, or as a shore excursion from Shimizu Port or Yokohama Port. Your guide can meet you at the dock and return you there. Shinkansen fares between dock and tour start/end points are additional to tour fee.


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